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    Every day they send you e-mail and you can sufr.eBesucher unites interested visitors and active advertisers. Our platform, which is free of any costs, provides internet traffic to participating sites and more money on the bank account of our users.Earn money for surfing the web and reading emails.Minimum payout of 2€ on your PayPal- or bank account.

    Whoever chooses to visit the websites of our partners can earn points and will be rewarded. Once you have collected points worth 2 Euro or more, you can turn them into real money. A payout can be requested through PayPal or EU transfer.

    Our system is based on the principle of a traffic exchange. It works on a "give-and-take basis".
    That basically means that you can trade your benefits against the efforts of other members.
    Our service is mainly about using the eBesucher Surfbar, which allows you to visit websites and get site impressions in return. All you have to do is to take a look at other members websites and you will automatically get others to see yours.
    eBesucher thereby acts as an agent. We offer the technical foundation (members area, surfbar) to our members. Everything is 100% free of charge.

    The mail exchange allows you to promote your website/project via email.
    Every recipient has agreed to participate and can terminate his membership at any time.
    As a member of eBesucher, you will receive marketing emails from other members in the area of interests you have chosen.
    You will be rewarded between 0,8 bis 4 mail points for each email. Click Here

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