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    (Shared on: 2016-09-19)

    I want tell us about videochat network they are having a video chat its for those who are either in their third trimester or it had a baby within the past 30 month it.its going to be 45 minutes long and for those who complete those texts you're gonna receive $100 a week of participation via check or Paypal.

    What people say and feel in the moment they are shopping for or using your brand is different from what they report hours, days or weeks afterwards.

    With VCN’s Epiphany, you can now be immersed into your consumers world, within minutes.
    This is the first real time video chat app that can provide clients with instant access to their consumer at any place and at any time.
    In real time you can video chat with your customer and get in-the-moment responses when they’re shopping, using your product or service, when they’re out on the town, with their families—everywhere they actually lead their lives.
    No other app lets you probe deeper. Or provides a more immersive research experience. The kind that leads to rich emotional insight. And new ways of thinking, that can only happen in the moment, in the context of your customers’ real lives.
    Epiphany also lets consumers upload photos, videos and audio files from their phones directly to our servers allowing you to obtain immediate access to your in-store activities, your competitors activities, your targets daily rituals or anything else you can imagine.Click Here

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